Revenge of Poseidon: Hell Unleashed

One lonely wail arises from the ocean deep
From within the darkened keep of Poseidon,
An urgent howl to Hades from bowels of pain
To release hell’s fury upon the vanity of humanity
For making his watery home the tome of misery,
Rendering him powerless against relentless foes
In the utter throes of mindless folly
As the wreak havoc upon the seas…
And with the pantheon on high in deep sleep
Poseidon is unable to wake them for his sake,
So he turns to low dungeon where brother Hades
Yet torments so many wicked souls to beckon him
To reckon the sad situation dire as Poseidon tires
In fighting his battle alone, so he rattles the chains
Of malevolent Hades to release hell upon the earth,
Spreading dearth, famine and disease everywhere
To appease his lust for revenge against humanity
For the calamity it has caused in his water kingdom,
And so now hell comes as the bell tolls midnight
And all light is gone and nothing bright remains;
Ah! But the seven seas shall be calm once again
And Poseidon seated in his own heaven unpolluted


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