Memories . . . Unsweet Memories

With fright I scream out in the middle of the night
From nightmares of the past that haunt my mind
And blind my waking moments, leave me shaking,
And burden my soul with sin that can’t be undone,
Even though forgiven, and sweat pours from pores,
And I shiver remembering my younger foolishness,
Considering how I have aged with the pages of time
And the clock chimes midnight and I feel the blight
But with mercy barely in sight ‘n dim light shining,
And I know this is refining fire burning once again,
So I pace the floor as I chase after renewed peace
In a new lease on life not rife with stains and pain,
Knowing that I will return to bed to rest my head,
Wondering when the next nightmare will return
To burn my conscience as I toss and turn till dawn

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