Mine Own Enemy

You know what you should do but you don’t do it,
You can’t do it, and you don’t have the drive to do it,
And it may be the one of the simplest of things in life,
But you’re frozen inside and can’t abide the thought
Of doing whatever it is you’re supposed to do now,
And that’s how you know that you really need help,
But you don’t want to ask for help, the help you need,
Because asking means asking and that’s too tasking,
So you close yourself off from the world all around
And abound in your lone isolation where you’re safe,
But you’re still not doing those simplest of things
That you need to do but just can’t seem to do at all,
So you fall on your bed, lay your head on the pillow
For some shallow sleep without one peep outside
Because outside is life and life is just too much alive,
And life reminds you of all that you need to do now,
Even the simplest things, and you really need help,
But you don’t seem to have the drive to ask for help
Because even that seems like a daunting task, to ask,
So you’re stuck in the muck of paralyzed isolation
In the inner desolation of your psyche . . . just frozen
At least until someone comes along to thaw you out,
To help you walk and talk again and rejoin the world
Unfurled before your eyes to see what there is to see
And be whatever you can be . . . when someone helps


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