Claim: A Cacophony of Reengagement

Enraged, I simply disengaged myself from the world, 
But, O Lord, I’ve become numb and dumbed down!
With a pout, I simply checked myself out of everything
And without even saying ‘goodbye,’ and with no cry;
But, God, I can’t stand the loneliness
Of this pointless journey any longer!
I want back in . . . so I write and I write nothing trite;
This is my doorway back into the land of the living,
And I travel with a band of fellow vagabond artisans,
And I’m proud to be in their company,
But is there more through this door?
Because I cannot live in the desolation of indignation;
My imagination takes me elsewhere to a better place
At an healthier pace with traces of joy and happiness,
And you made provision
To grant me this vision to make my one final decision,
And so I want to be alive and to thrive
In the hive of humanity with all its calamity . . . yes!
No more enraged; no more to be disengaged
But to live life alive, truly free and at liberty!
And so I write my name on this great claim!
Yes, I write . . . I write my way right back in the world!

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