I wondered why I would stand and stare at a bare wall,
Why I would wake up in a fog feeling like I was in a bog,
Stuck with no way out ‘n about and my bed for the dead
Yet churning inside and my mind burning with thoughts
Brought by the hundreds with no cohesion or sensibility,
And I wondered at my inability to bring myself together,
And all of the feelings of despair, with no hope of repair,
And why no inspiration or any motivation along the way;
Yes, I wondered just how I had blundered into all of this,
And there is more but it’s a chore to recount anymore . . .
Finally it dawned on me that I had had a real breakdown,
An honest-to-God nervous breakdown . . . and now what?
By grace I can only pace myself one slow step at a time,
Step by step, moment by moment, day by day this way

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