Destiny: Is My Course Set?

Like the flip of a switch and my destiny changes,
Strangely rearranged in my heart, mind and soul;
And some say Fate serves only one bowl to each,
And that may be true, but then I never knew . . .
Is this right? Does light refuse to shine at night?
Damn Fate! I refuse to take this bait!
I’ll dance with mystic Chance instead,
Believing I have some choice, that I have my voice;
Ah! But does this make any difference?
Does my own preference matter now?
And do I not live in ignorance of the future anyway?
Yet I fight with all my might to make this life bright;
Who knows if I am right or wrong,
But I’ll sing this song, nevertheless:
My tears have been counted and someone hears me;
My destiny is not sealed, neither utterly concealed . . .
Or is it sealed but now unconcealed to me so that I know?
And if so, then, am I the fool to think I can change the show?
Oh, but I thought . . . whatever! I’ve been brought low now
After something or someone flipped the switch . . . my life

And how drear and oh-so mundane!

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