As I Close My Eyes

As I close my eyes now to sleep in sorrow
I wonder what travesty awaits tomorrow;
I hear the children laughing as they freely play;
To be so free no price would be too high to pay;
But­ I lay me down today with one prayer:
That the layers of this life would be shred
And that, dead to this world, I might arise
To claim some higher prize, for now I am weary
And my days dreary, filled with tears and fears;
My loved ones I can love better from above,
I know, and make a better show as an angel
Than ever I have been as a mere mortal man
Although I may awaken yet again to begin again
This ongoing journey and, yes, few would weep
At my departure anyway but for them I will stay
And continue to pray there’ll come that day
When I no longer close these eyes in sorrow
Wondering what trial awaits me tomorrow

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